I set this blog up to write about the use of creative and visual methods in research, but haven’t had any time to really engage with it. So – I’m going to aim for something less coherent, more eclectic, and probably more representative of my rather magpie-like fascinations.

At the moment I am reading about visual culture, queer art/activism, race, among other things. I’ve recently been looking at the work of an extraordinary bunch of South Africans: Zanele Muholi, Lebo Ntladi, Collen Mfazwe, FAKA, Dean Hutton, Jean Brundrit, Athi-Patra Ruga, Robert Hamblin, Daniel Mark Nel, Kylie Thomas, Selogadi Mampane, Andrew Putter. I’m also intereted in the work done by GALA (Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action, based at WITS), OIA (Out in Africa, the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival), Iranti, Inkanyiso, the MoVE project. Stay tuned for future musings…


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